• ClientDataEarn, Inc.
  • DateDecember 2022 - Present
  • ServicesDevelopment, Design & Consulting
The People's First Data Marketplace

Driven by the belief that data should be within the control of its creators, DataEarn have set out to transform the way data is accessed, protected, and even monetized. DataEarn is committed to empowering individuals worldwide, ensuring they have complete control over their memories, thoughts, and ideas.

In the ever-expanding world of data, DataEarn provides users with a product that enables transparency over where and how companies are using their data. By giving individuals ownership over their data, they can be in control. Data is one of the most valuable assets on Earth, yet users own 0% of it.

Protect your digital identity by opting-out and deleting your data from unwanted companies. Data privacy is a growing concern around the world. Be a part of the data revolution.

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DataEarn landing preview explaining to users that they can own their datazoom
DataEarn app home page where users can upload their datazoom
DataEarn app cards page where users can see their datazoom
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