PintSwap P2P Exchange

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  • ClientColdwater Labs, LLC.
  • DateFebuary 2023 - Present
  • ServicesDevelopment, Design & Consulting
A truly P2P OTC token swap exchange

Trade low-liquidity tokens without all the BS. With PintSwap's Telegram bot and web app, enter and exit lowcaps with ease. Features of trading with PintSwap include zero taxes, zero slippage, private and public trades, and more.

PintSwap has an orderbook like other exchanges, without the centralization. PintSwap's orderbook is made up of many peer's individual orderbooks empowering users to decide if they want everyone to see their trade or if they just want to create an OTC offer to be shared with someone.

PintSwap finds the best trade possible, even if it's not on their orderbook. With PintSwap's trading engine, the protocol quickly matches offers against open orders. If an OTC trade isn't available, the engine routes trades through exchange aggregator, so users still quickly execute trades at the best price and are not limited to PintSwap's orderbook.

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