• ClientLayer 1 Foundation
  • DateFebuary 2024 - Present
  • ServicesDevelopment & Consulting
Setting Good Standards for Bitcoin Development

Layer 1 Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting the development of the BRC20 token standard and other metaprotocols built on Bitcoin and Ordinals. Imagine the realization of a decentralized economy on Bitcoin - L1F supports that vision through the development of governance standards, public tooling, and the promotion of builder education and discourse.

Advancements made possible by Bitcoin’s Taproot upgrade and the subsequent development of the Ordinals protocol have changed our understanding of what’s possible on Bitcoin. What was once perceived as a simple store of value technology now carries the promise of delivering much more sophisticated economic functions.

L1F aims to review, aggregate and share resources that may be useful to developers of metaprotocol technologies or technologies built on such protocols. Additionally, we aim to educate users about protocol updates, proposals and tooling that we believe pushes this ecosystem forward.

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