Sandshrew Bitcoin RPC

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  • ClientOYL Corporation
  • DateJanuary 2024 - April 1
  • ServicesDevelopment & Consulting
Unlocking Bitcoin's true potential

Fully hosted Bitcoin RPC with the most robust data sets and fastest load times for building and development. This RPC includes all Bitcoin Core, Esplora and Ordinals endpoints in one easy-to-use API. We enable the most expressive data calls and the fastest load times in the industry, designed to scale.

Metashrew takes our Sandshrew RPC one step further—enabling custom indexing, so you can create your own meta-index definitions, and organize your own metaprotocols on top of Bitcoin and Ordinals.

Sandshrew empowers developers to build on top of Bitcoin layer-1 and Ordinals — providing all the necessary tools to develop, manage and create Bitcoin–native applications.

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